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How to choose FMS, what is the best!

Before purchasing FMS (farm management software), you should carefully evaluate the product and also the company that sells it. You should choose an FMS partner who, in your opinion, takes care of you and develops the product quickly and consistently. Here are some examples for you what you can ask for your FMS options assessment.

Who is the software provider/ owner?

Some program owners and providers of input suppliers or retailers. The programs you usually need are cheap or free because the provider offers software so you can buy the main products next to it. Be happy – most do not.

Do you need an engineering degree to use this software?

The software you choose must be robust and customizable so that you can accurately reflect and support your workflow, but it must be easy enough for everyone to use it.

Who is already using it?

If you plan to use FMS to compare other farms, you want the companies you need to be well-run companies (well-managed data). You want to compare your farm with successful farms! Some FMS try to be “all-in-one,” while others focus on the most professional operators on the market.

How fast is the product updated/updated?

The software will never be ready. Always add, add, improve, improve. You should compare FMS based on today’s features and quickly develop new features. A good way to decide this is to ask the seller what features have been launched last year.

Do you have any help?

On larger farms, your FMS partner must help you configure the software, train the team and respond to unexpected questions. Before you buy, you need to clearly understand how to provide these services, who and at what training and software upgrades have an additional fee.

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