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Mobile assistant for the measurement of working time

TERAKE – mobile assistant for the measurement of working time and tools organizing, measuring and related reporting. For use on an existing account environment.

Terake app is suitable in the businesses, where character of work needs predominantly constantly movement and  it is closely-related to equipments and machineries. Using smartphone applications and contemporary technology the company has the option to register the working hours, used of materials and pass through objects with few movements.

In production
TERAKE is fast, simple and accurate helper for measuring of working time, that will helps you on an ongoing basis to fill in reports, and maintain to control of business costs. TERAKE will spare a lot of users time and a great amount of money and costs of control – all costs are on the control – the cost of the machine, supplies, materials, and time.

TERAKE gives a quick overview of what has been done in the field. Information is entered by pressing on few buttons. APP’s creators have been in close collaboration with farmers and have understood from what the end result should start measuring. Participant itself adds all data on the working time. It gives the most accurate and direct information about what is happening in the field. TERAKE gives you the freedom to enter and check all the data in real time.

Service Companies
Service Companies are using this app in the kitchen, in the hall of customer service, and in the cleaning service. The goal is to get an overview of the employees working hours and to avoid to work over time and to plan next month’s schedule. It turns out that to arranging a event it takes a lot of time for daily cleaning before the opening, for preparing lunch, to make stocktaking, etc. In the future the Company  can easily and quickly prepare reports of  work and measure the use of resources.

Clear overview of the working hours
Automatically collected information moves in real-time from equipment to the software. Convenient and user-friendly environment provides a simple overview of the working hours and of machinery and materials.

The recorded data move to Software and then the reports were exported to Excel or accounting software.
Using a smartphone app all employee arrivals, departures, hours worked and the exact location of internet-based media is immediately visible. Your smartphone can transmit data in real time at minimal cost. The entire data exchange server and smart devices is automatic. All data is added from the driving mobile devices, which also works offline.

Using the app, there is displayed clear feedback on the employee whether the registration was successful and was it correct location. There is always option to see the currently pending work or have it already closed.

• Use GPS location determination and avoid fraudulent registration in wrong location
• Real-time data transmission technology helps to instantly see who arrived or left
• Smartphone app runs with TERAKE Internet software

• Significant improvement in the working environment of discipline
• Saving money by using accurate working time recording
• Information of arrivals and departures of employees in real-time
• Eliminates time-consuming paperwork
• Calculation of working hours (the total calculation becomes automatically)

Who is suitable?
• Agriculture, production
• The restaurant, pub, hotel, night club, catering
• Logistics and storage
• Cleaning
• Construction

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