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Terake gives a quick overview of what has been done in the field. Information is entered by pressing on few buttons. APP’s creators have been in close collaboration with farmers and have understood from what the end result should start measuring. Terake gives you the freedom to enter and check all the data in real time.


Service Companies are using this app in the kitchen, in the hall of customer service, and in the cleaning service. The goal is to get an overview of the employees working hours and to avoid to work over time and to plan next month’s schedule. It turns out that to arranging a event it takes a lot of time for daily cleaning before the opening, for preparing lunch, to make stocktaking, etc.


Terake app is suitable in the businesses, where characterof work needs predominantly constantly movement and it is closely-related to equipments and machineries. Using smartphone applications and contemporary technology the company has the option to register the working hours, used of materials and pass through objects with few movements.

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1-9 users
9 € 1 per one user
1 to 9 users. VAT is excluded.
10 - 24 users
7,90€ 1 per one user
10 to 24 users. VAT is excluded.
From 25 users
6,90€ 1 per one user
From 25 users. VAT is excluded.
From 5o users
ask an offer
From 25 users ask an offer.

Go over the annual fee and use TERAKE for two months free!

If you pay 6 out of 6, you get +1 month free

If you pay immediately for 12 months, then + 2 months for free

VAT is excluded

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