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Cooperation between Terake Workfields and MyJohnDeere

Terake is an application what is mostly used in agriculture to measure and manage worktime, fill plans with gathered data and plan work ahead. Terake app is suitable in the businesses, where character of work needs predominantly constantly movement and it is closely-related to equipments and machineries.

John Deere has a management system called MyJohnDeere. It is with high technical capabilities to gather telematics data.

The goal of the joint project is a jointly developed product and service for the end user.

Working time measurement app

The individual purpose of both systems, is to give the user a clear overview of the actions of the measured units, be it workers in Terake, or machines by John Deere. By doing that they give the user an opportunity to find ways for optimizing and reducing costs of their operation.

We feel strongly, that by connecting the two systems, we will create a new and very powerful tool for any agriculutural company what takes optimizing its business seriously. In the future, those companies have to have Terake application for workers and JD telematics system for their machines but they can use one system to control it all. It is going to be precision farming in an easy-to-use environment as innovative and intuitive.

Terake is currently used by many agricutlural companies and it is welcomed very well, but the feedback from them is that it could be more automated and it could give out more precise data. Currently the data gathered to Terake relies on the input of the workforce and thus it has the possibility to have human error in it. Mostly it is the data what is missing, due to the fact that it was not entered at all but majority of the data, what needs to be inserted by the workers, is machinery or objects or materials related.

The telematics system provided by JD has the capability to measure all the needed data straight from the machine on fileds and give it for Terake to be processed. JD does have its own application, but it is built more for for managing the machinery? All the needed data could be read from there, but combining it manually with Terake system is too labour intensive if not impossible.

The systems will be connected through API (Application Programming Interface) it needs to be widened to handle all the required information.

There is a need for various tailor made features developed into Terake systems. New ways to aquire data and new ways to process the gathered information in both systems.

And even more – Use the API and interface Terake with your other current softwares like erp-system etc.

The API makes it easy to synchronize data with other applications. Terake software can inherit object, dates, employees, time, materials, etc.

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