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Working time tracking application of Terake gives a quick overview of what has been done in the field. Information is entered by pressing on a few buttons. APP’s creators have been in close collaboration with farmers and have understood from what the end result should start measuring. Terake gives you the freedom to enter and check all the data in real-time.



Service Companies are using this app in the kitchen, in the hall of customer service, and the cleaning service. The goal is to get an overview of the employee’s working hours and to avoid to work overtime and to plan next month’s schedule. It turns out that to arranging an event it takes a lot of time for daily cleaning before the opening, for preparing lunch, to make stocktaking, etc.  



Terake time tracking application is suitable in the businesses, where the character of work needs predominantly constantly movement and it is closely related to equipment and machinery. Using smartphone applications and contemporary technology the company has the option to register the working hours, use of materials and pass through objects with few movements.  

Why the work time tracking application of Terake?

Significant improvement in the working environment of discipline

Saving money by using accurate working time recording

Information on arrivals and departures of employees in real-time

Eliminates time-consuming paperwork

Calculation of working hours automatically

500 %


2 months


100 %

Productivity improvement

Really Happy Clients

“Terake is an application that performs the hourly sheet function. In the morning, Terake will be launched and, after closing the application, there will be a good overview of the work done on the day and hours of work. Later, it is good to compare the summary table for weeks and months. The service provider is left with the constant writing of hourly sheets and the compilation of employee hours by the employer. An integrated summary of the application goes directly to the computer and the employer or manager has an immediate overview of the work done and the time it has been spent on. Terake makes counting time convenient and fast and comprehensible to all parties. “

– Nele Kondas

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